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            It is the policy of the Center Township Police Department with the Right-To-Know Act 3, of 2008, which takes effect January 1, 2009 . In accordance with this Act the Center Township Police Department establishes the following policy:  

            The Act exempts Criminal Investigative Information, includes complaints of past, present and potential criminal conduct other than a Private Criminal Complaint. It includes investigative materials, notes, correspondence, videos, reports, 911 calls and transcripts.  

            Criminal investigative material shall include the institution, progress or result of a criminal investigation, except for filings of the criminal complaint itself. Criminal Investigative Information shall include that information that would impair this agency’s ability to secure an arrest, prosecute, convict, or endanger the life or safety of any individual involved in a given criminal investigation.           

            Additionally, such information that is protected by privilege or is exempt under any federal or state law including Act 3 of 2008, judicial order or decree. The Center Township Police Department may exercise its discretion to make any otherwise exempt record accessible for inspection as provided in Section 506 © of Act 3 of 2008.




Center Township Police Right-To-Know Officer : Chief Kramer



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